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High speed shrink sleeve tunnel for the application of shrink sleeves

Steam shrinking tunnel, equipped with a new technology that allows the complete management by using electronic devices. This tunnel may be composed of multiple modules, all with independent temperature, and the length of the tunnel is sized to the speed of production to be achieved and to height of the sleeve to be shrunk. The tunnel can be integrated within the modules, with electrical heaters which allow to perform the heat shrinking with a low emission of steam.

HSST01 Specs:

  • Tunnel structure in stainless steel
  • Modules of the tunnel with independent temperature
  • Electronic control and management of steam
  • PLC for displaying tunnel settings. This PLC allows to store all the
    parameters of temperature for each format
  • Doors closing tunnel made of glass, allowing the visualization of the
    internal conditions of heat shrinking
  • Overheating steam by heating elements
  • Centralized draining of condensate and excess steam

Infra red shrink sleeve heat tunnel for the application of shrink sleeves

Shrink tunnel sleeve consists of infra-red panels combined with hot air blowers. The length of the tunnel is sized to the speed of production to be achieved and to height of the sleeve to be shrunk.

IFHT01 Specs:

  • Tunnel structure in stainless steel
  • Pre-chamber of heating with infrared panels
  • Display for adjusting temperature of infrared
  • Hot air blowers with independent settings
  • Supports for adjusting blowers position
  • All our machines are engineer installed
  • Service contracts available

Shrink sleeve applicator machine to place the sleeve onto the container

A compact machine, for companies that need an high production speed. It’s a linear machine with three sleeves application heads, with double spiral screw for products transport that passes through the application heads, three movable double sleeve reel storage which allows replacement of the reel without downtime.

SSA01 Specs:

  • 36.000 pcs/hour
  • Application heads 3

We also have a used Karlville 2m steam tunnel for sale

Karlville continues to lead global innovation with the introduction of our 2 Meter STEAMER. The Steamer 2M can handle up to 200 bottles per minute. The Steamer design, with an integrated boiler allows companies to save money and time, because they do not need to install stand alone steam boiler on site.

The internal design of the tunnel, along with the dual blower exhaust system allows for high temperature generation with consistent internal pressure and low power consumption.

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  • No need to build separate boiler rooms to house boilers
  • No need to hire engineers to design and permit boiler rooms
  • No Need for costly overhead insulated steam pipe infrastructure
  • Excellent quality, performance and low utility requirement
  • Plug & Play
  • Fully adjustable pipes for excellent steam distribution
  • Quick changeover

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