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16 May

Ribena’s interactive Shrink Sleeve bottle design!

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Ribena have updated their 500ml bottle design, the Label around the bottle is a Shrink Sleeve Label, as it wraps the full bottle. We noticed this a few days ago. We bought a few just for the purpose of blogging and of course we drank them all first, you can’t beat a free lunch can you!

The new design from a consumers point of view stands out more than the previous designs, see the image below to see the comparison. I personally prefer the new design it looks more modern, and the graphics are in stunning HD.


On the back of the new bottle design we noticed the Apple App Store logo, so we downloaded the app related to it called ” Doodle Your World ” it is aimed at kids and teenagers and it’s a general fun free app, with colour/doodling features and augmented reality.


So what is augmented reality? Well do you remember the best seller app on the App Store, POKEMON go?

The official definition for augmented reality is ” A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view ” and that is exactly what the Doodle Your World app can do. See our home made video!

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