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The Roby 1 automatic palletizing machine by Watershed packaging

The ROBY 1 is suitable to palletize cartons, basket, sacks, shrink-wrapped bundles and tanks up to 70 Kg. It can take some packages in the same time with different pick-up system (sucker, pliers, magnetic, comb pliers for sacks) from different position and put them on different pallet with different layout.

The pick-up head rotates form 0° to 270° according to the layout that is planned. The definition of the layout is done with the cartesian coordinates or if it possible to control the approach speed. This last system is studied to render simple the programming.

Frequently asked questions.

What’s the minimum and maximum output for this machine?

350-600 cartons/hour

What’s the maximum weight of palletizable load?

The maximum weight is 60 kg

What’s the height of a full pallet?

1900 mm

What is the air pressure?

6 Bar

What as the power requirement? 



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