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View the FP10 video below showing the wrapper
in action on-site at one of our UK warehouses.

The FP10 Pallet wrapper machine

The FP10 Pallet wrapper can wrap 35 pallets per hour consistently, this means it will use the same amount of pallet wrap on each cycle resulting in material and time savings when matched up against manually wrapping by hand.

It is fully programmable, you set the machine up once, press save, and it will remember your commands. You can also save numerous profiles to the machine to handle the different shaped boxes stacked onto the pallet base.

The FP10 Pallet wrapper machine specification

  • Turntable diameter : 1500 mm
  • Max Loading capacity : 2000 kg
  • Max. Pallet dimensions : 1200 x 1200 x 2000/2450 mm
  • Wrapping cycle with reinforcing wraps (manual control/positioning)
  • Separate timer for the bottom and top wraps setting
  • Photocell for the automatic pallet height detection
  • Electronic control box (programmed microprocessor) with digital keyboard
  • Traditional cross wrapping cycle
  • Wrapping cycle with reinforcing wraps (manual control/positioning)


The FP35 Pallet wrapping machine

The FP 35 Pallet wrapping machine is our power house pallet wrapper, it has a photocell to automatically determine the pallets height, saving you time and man hours. It is also a power prestretch machine which gives you even better gains in terms of material usage with pallet wrap expenditure. Feel free to request more information on this machine or run a free trial with us.

The FP35 Pallet wrapping machine specification

  • Turntable diameter : 1500/1800/2000 mm
  • Turntable rotating speed: 10 r.p.m. (fixed) on the fp35 version / adjustable
    from 7 to 15 r.p.m. On the fp35/s version
  • Max. Height of the film roll : 500 mm
  • Max. Diameter of the film roll : 300 mm
  • Photocell for the automatic pallet height detection
  • Fp35/s: main control box with digital keyboard equipped by a programmable microprocessor for the best regulation of the required parameters and the selection of the wrapping programme.


The FP effe spinny pallet wrapper

The Effe spinny pallet wrapper is a feature rich diverse pallet wrapping machine. This machine is ideally situated in busy warehouses where automation is key to everyday business, in terms of the amount of pallets to be wrapped, how many wraps and also giving the option for staff to manually oversee each stage. A full on site demonstration of this machine in action is available.

The Effe spinny pallet wrapper specification

  • Rotating table diameter 1500 mm load 1200 kg
  • Distance between column and rotating table 500 mm
  • Wrapping height up to 2100 mm detected by photocell
  • Separate programming of top and bottom reinforcement wraps
  • Table rotation regulated by variable frequency drive from 4 to 10 rpm
  • Sensor controlled rotation stop
  • Variable speed of film carrier completely customizable
  • Independent top and bottom turns

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