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Our Hand pallet wrap is perfect for wrapping pallets without a machine.

We produce and stock a wide range of pallet wrap suitable for both machine wrap and hand wrap. Our pallet wrap is produced by a method known as casting to ensure our film is a stronger, clearer substrate that sticks only to itself.

What are the benefits of using Pallet Wrap?

  • A quick and cost effective method of securing loads
  • Provides additional protection
  • Will not leave a sticky residue on products unlike tapes.
  • Will not place uneven pressure across load
  • Minimum order value is only £100


We also offer machine pallet wrap, standard cast and pre stretch wrap.

Machine wrap is distributed more evenly and makes light work of securing pallets & packages. There are two types of pallet stretch wrap available.

1. Standard Cast Film Pallet Wrap
Our standard cast film pallet wrap is an economical, high quality film suitable for packaging and transporting lightweight products. It can also be used as a cost-effective, temporary protection measure.

Standard case pallet wrap is suitable for all standard pallet wrapper machines. For more information on our range of pallet wrapper machines contact our sales team

2. Cast Power Pre stretch Pallet Wrap
High volume users get bigger cost savings with our cast power pre-stretch pallet wrap which stretches up to a staggering 220%. In addition it offers better load-holding qualities and is lighter than normal thickness pallet wrap.

Cast power pre-stretch pallet wrap is suitable for all Power Pre-stretch Pallet Wrapper Machines. For more information on our range of pallet wrapper machines or contact our sales team


We also supply Pallet wrapping machines which effortlessly boost output in your warehouse.

The FP10 Pallet wrapper can wrap 35 pallets per hour consistently, this means it will use the same amount of pallet wrap on each cycle resulting in material and time savings when matched up against manually wrapping by hand.

It is fully programmable, you set the machine up once, press save, and it will remember your commands. You can also save numerous profiles to the machine to handle the different shaped boxes stacked onto the pallet base.

If you have any questions regarding our Pallet wrap options available please feel free to contact us using the form below.